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    Marketing Management Consultation
      With emphasis on marketing and sales, corporations can standardize their marketing system, transition from reactionary-management to anticipitory-management, improve market development capabilities and sales capacities, and rapidly and smoothly achieve outstanding sales performance.
    Corporation Operation Management Consultation
      Optimize corporate marketing resources, human resources, financial resources and productivity;Pro-active planning, managing, and controlling, in order to improve operation profits and to reduce operation risks.
    Human Resource Management Consultation
      Human resource is one of the most important resources of modern corporations. Others are materials and information. Through management and development of human resources, corporations can obtain infinite innovation capabilities, improve productivity, and support their development.
    Financial Management Consultation  
      Design strategic budget patterns based on objectives, build a modern total budget management system, and control corporate resources and costs while improving benefits by finding synergy between different objectives.
    Executive Search Service
      Finding and recruiting executive level staff in order to hold a dominant position in the market; at the same time, providing excellent promotional opportunities for internal staff based on performance.




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    Based on rich consultative experience and a keen perception of industry features, the GCI team of consultants summarizes and abstracts a scientific organizational management mode fit for Local enterprises, which fully displays the localization of international management consulting services.
    GCI analyzes managerial bottlenecks, organizes and implements a systematic project with clients. During this process, the GCI team will summarize, report, train, and provide a phase by phase implementation, so that clients can understand the true progress of their implementation.
    What GCI provides is not a machine-made management pattern but custom-built systematic project plan according to corporation diagnosis, enterprise circumstance, and industry features.
    While providing a custom-built project, GCI also supplies professional training to managers of clients in order to make them learn advanced methods of managerial improvement. When corporations face difficulties in the future, managers can analyze and solve the problems like consultants.
    GCI’s clients typically receive a several fold return on investment based on consulting project fees within one year. GCI guarantees visible direct economic benefits. In order to share risks with clients, part of GCI’s project fees will be charged according to the percentage of clients’ revenue increase.
    A consulting project that focuses on just one aspect of a client’s business cannot satisfy a corporation’s requirements of revenue increase. What GCI provides is the systematic holistic project involving corporate operation, performance appraisal, and revenue increase, which will achieve optimization of clients’ resources and maximum increase of revenue.
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